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We always conduct ourselves in a professional manner, providing professional web developmental services to our clients.


We are skilled in web development including web design, HTML, CSS, CGI-Perl, PHP, mySQL, and JavaScript / jQuery/ Ajax.


We have been in web development since 1997. Our client base is in the thousands, ranging from big to small - corporate to small business to individual.

LionsGate Creative :: Audits

One of our areas of expertise that we specialize is conducting audits:

  • Security Audits. Catch the security vulnerabilities before your web host does and suspends your hosting account, or before Google catches them and drops your site.

  • XHTML/CSS Validity Audits. Ensure all your HTML and CSS is W3C valid. This goes a long ways to ensure that your site is all things to all people, and everyone sees your site in the intended way. Our site is HTML and CSS W3C valid.
    Valid HTML Valid CSS

  • Website Speed Audits. Optimize your webssite so it loads lightning fast. Slow loading sites have poor surfer retention times, and will cause you lose traffic and money in the case of commercial websites. We are adept at improving Website Speed. If your result in less than 85%, then you need to optimize! Our site rates between 88% and 94%. Click Here to Check
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