LionsGate Creative

Our Company
Create differently.

In business since 1997, LionsGate Creative is an incorporated, and privately owned and funded company. Founded by DJ Abrams (CEO). We are comprised of three divisions (properties): hoodPALS Social Network Inc, ImagiMotions Films, and Password Sentry.

Our Divisions
Diversify differently.

  • hoodPALS Social Network Inc
    hoodPALS [LGC::HP]

    Social network differently.
    Social networking reinvented. Social network bringing neighborhoods and the people in those neighborhoods together. Built by people like you, for people like you!
  • ImagiMotions Films
    ImagiMotions Films [LGC::IM]

    Imagine differently.
    In Development. We have already mapped out our first three projects associated with this property. We will announce details as we near closer to our first project release date - which is tentatively scheduled for mid to late 2024.
  • Magelln Search Engine
    Magelln Search Engine [LGC::MS]

    Search differently.
  • Password Sentry
    Password Sentry [LGC::PS]

    Secure differently.
    PasswordSentry (PS) is a website password protection enterprise software application that monitors logins to detect and block password sharing. PS employs cutting edge technology to block dictionary and brute force attacks: stop hackers from guessing passwords. Secure your website password protection with PasswordSentry!

Our Location
Live differently.

We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada. Situated on the West Coast - known to locals as the "Wet Coast" due to the overabundance of rainfall. Specifically, we are located in the West End area of Vancouver. Our time zone is Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) or UTC-7:00.

DJ Abrams
DJ Abrams
LionsGate Creative Founder and CEO